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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

9 ways to set measurable, personal submissions and publication goals for 2023


We've all been measuring the snow this week. In the last 24 hours, the snow outside my back door is 18 inches higher than it is in the photo. During this blizzard, I made cookies for my neighbors as thanks for their gracious help with snow removal, car shuffling, dog play sessions, bear and bird observation, and general awesomeness. 

In between shoveling bouts, I developed my updated workshop series for submitting your work and getting published. Every February/March I offer this series as an opportunity for writers to renew and re-motivate themselves around the work of getting our writing projects ready to be sent out into the public world.

Here are some prompts from the workshop for setting measurable, personal submissions and publishing goals for 2023:

1.   Choose a # of submissions, by month or for the year

2.     Aim for a # of rejections for the year

3.     Establish public platforms as a writer – blog, website, Facebook page, vlog, podcast?

4.     Target 1-5 written pieces you have started or that are in progress or finished for submission in the next two months

5.     Renew your schedule for working on submissions by the week or month

6.     Sign up for a conference? Apply for residencies or scholarships? Research these and get them on your calendar.

7.     Join a writing group? Join a workshop?

8.     Track your submissions in Excel worksheet, Submittable, or Duotrope

9.     Build your network now before you try to submit and publish by being a good literary citizen - attend readings, art and literary events, chamber mixers, buy books at independent sellers, and reach out to other writers

Which ones do you want to set for yourself this year? If you want to learn more about getting your work published, you can join the next two workshop sessions in the series on March 14th and March 28th from 6-8 pm on Zoom.

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