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Monday, November 13, 2017

Truckee Community Theater Performs Ten Minute Plays Written by Local Writers!

Truckee Community Theater performed this past weekend its first of many Ten Minute Play Festivals featuring plays written by local and regional writers. According to the Sierra Sun (photo credits are theirs),

"Courtney Simson, TCT's producer and publicist, welcomed the crowd and explained what each of the plays were expected to accomplish in 10 minutes.

"There is no time for exposition, these plays need to be dramatic, exciting, dialogue-driven. The characters need to grab you immediately. There needs to be conflict, and an urgent conflict, at that; followed by a climax and some kind of surprise or change at the end," Simson said."
You can read the entire article here. Not only do many of us recognize the local authors Mitch Dion, Sarah Poynter, Shannon Spangler, and Chris Widney but the audience shot from Sierra Sun reveals more local writers.  

If you want to learn how to write a ten minute play and use the skills to hone your writing in other genres, Tangled Roots Writing workshops over this winter and next spring will set you up to complete a play by next summer's deadline of July 31st.