"I am trying to check my habits of seeing, to counter them for the sake of greater freshness. I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I'm doing." - John Cage

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Make a Big Splash: Water, Risk and Garden Parties

I live my life in growing orbits
Which move out over the things of the world. - Rilke

Lately I feel the trick is to keep growing outwards, my life the spreading rings in a pond once it is disturbed, to keep moving out over the things of the world.  This analogy means I must be disturbed, shaken out of my comfortable circlings, my habitual haunts.

2016 is my year to say YES and welcome invitation, with the goal of switching things up, re-inventing and accepting the crowd of myself.  Water is my element for this year since I'm serendipitously embarking on river trips, jumping in lakes and rivers.

I'm excited to bring this risk-taking into my workshops, coaching and editing.  I invite you to take a look at my blog and workshop offerings, coaching opportunities and manuscript review services.  If you have a nascent idea or a project in progress, I will listen closely to your own goals and purpose and then help with brainstorming possibilities.

A new workshop with Tangled Roots Writing, inspired by Kate Asche, is a garden party with wine, cheese, community and guidance for where and how to submit your work.  After an initial presentation on tips and trends, we will sit down, prep and send out our work into the world right then and there.

My  goal is to build literary community in Tahoe/Reno so I hope to see you at art and literary events over the next several months!

Happy writing!
Karen Terrey