"I am trying to check my habits of seeing, to counter them for the sake of greater freshness. I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I'm doing." - John Cage


Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for welcoming me into to your workshop. It has really been a positive, motivating experience for me. I know I’m on the earliest end of the spectrum, but I do feel that I learn something, from the group and about myself, every week. And, most importantly, thank you for your positivity and warmth every week. You are the consummate teacher, praising and guiding. I have a feeling I’ve got more to learn from you. - Jenny

Thank you, Karen, I sincerely appreciate your help and input and will definitely recommend you to colleges and friends! - Anna

A few other agents were also impressed with my first chapter and asked for my manuscript, so that was quite exciting.  Anyhow, it was a thrilling week and while I am steeling myself for the rejections, I wanted to thank you  again for all the guidance, workshopping, questioning, editing, feedback, and all the time that you spent with my book in the initial stages.   I am enormously grateful to you and want to say again I am in constant admiration for what you do to support budding and established writers  in Truckee. You are a true gift. - Liz

Several months ago I found myself at a stand off with every writer's antagonist: WB, otherwise known as writers block. It seemed no matter what I did, WB would draw first and I would be stuck, aimlessly shooting blanks through my keyboard. I decided to take a writing class by Karen Terrey through Tangled Roots Writing as a last attempt to gain the upper hand over WD. And to my surprise, she gave me more gun powder than I could have ever expected. Through her class, I was able to write some of my favorite scenes for a trilogy I'm writing and since taking her class, I'm back on a normal writing schedule. I'm very thankful for Kat and her dedication to writing. Because now, as I sit down in front of my computer, I can stand off with WB and walk away the victor. - Courtney

That was a wonderful workshop!  And thank you again for editing my father's memorial.  My friends and husband so love it.  If you like check out the last of our blog posts we worked on together.  I posted it yesterday. Thanks again! - Mimi

Karen provides such a safe and sacred space for writing. She encourages creativity on many levels and when in her workshops I seem to really be able to let go and write. Sharing is another part I hold so dear about Tangled Roots--reading my writing aloud has been a great next step in my poetry. Karen's words are encouraging and her insight is unmatched. I recommend Tangled Roots Writing to anyone, writer or non, looking to open up to creativity and see what comes out on the page. -Jenny

"Karen Terrey conducts a class for SAT essay writing preparation that has helped my daughter tremendously. She now feels that she can walk in to that testing situation with more comfort and confidence. I would highly recommend that you send your child to this class prior to them taking this important college entrance exam." – John

As an aspiring writer, I seek criticism from well-trained eyes. Karen’s insights into the writing/creative process are profound, and working with her has greatly accelerated my learning curve. Thank you, Karen, for explaining concepts and criticism in simple language, and for encouraging me through the frustrating times. – Greg

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for these emails, articles, and the great guidance you've been providing for us throughout this class. I've been really challenged and have already learned a great deal from you, and though I don't speak up much, I am absorbing everything with eagerness and an eye toward my own work. You're a great instructor! Thanks for everything so far; looking forward to the next class. - Jaena

Working with Karen on my book project has been an enriching and rewarding experience. She has guided and supported me in a positive and creative environment.  Karen has helped me take my creativity to the next level.  She is an awesome writing consultant/coach.In addition her blog workshop was great fun and inspiring. I recommend Tangled Roots Writing to anyone looking to enhance their writing life. - Priya

I believe you are doing a great thing. I always meet people from random or far away places that know you and they express the same sentiment. - Stephen

I got accepted to the Squaw Valley Screenwriters' Workshop this summer. I can’t believe it! I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement. Thanks for giving the writers in Truckee a place to work on their craft. – Sarah

Karen is amazing. She has been a wonderful inspiration & unique catalyst in developing my recent personal vernacular of self expression. She brings light and support ALONG with her encouraging enthusiasm & professionally directed application…i am looking forward to our next rooted entanglement with much vervor.-Cline

Many thanks for all your fabulous help these past months.  I can honestly say these stories wouldn't be taking shape so nicely without your guidance.   I really appreciate all your careful readings, insight and questions that you have raised.  You have given me so much food for thought. – Liz

Thanks so much for staying on top of keeping me in the loop for this blog class. I'm so happy I went, you really brought out the best in everyone. I have definitely improved my thought process on how these blogs work and most of all my confidence. All the advice has made blogging seem totally doable and I'm ready to tackle it little by little. - Iris

Highly recommend the BLOG workshop! Juicy with promise!!! – Laura

“Twas truly fantastical and above all shockingly awesome! Best Saturday I've had in a very long time...thanx Karen (clearly, you pretty much rule.)” – Andy

Thanks for providing such worthwhile community enrichment.  I love these classes! Kat has a wonderful way of making the workshop experience safe and comfortable so you feel like you are sharing your writing among friends. - Jennifer

Karen has been a tremendous help in making me a better writer. I really can’t speak highly enough of her teaching and personal approach. She’s literally the best writing teacher and coach I’ve known. And it’s not like I wasn’t previously trained. I was a writer and editor for 10 years, working as a daily news reporter and an editor at several large New York-based magazines. Despite my background, I found I had so much to learn about craft and the art of fiction, not to mention connecting better with myself and my audience through my writing. In my journey with Karen’s guidance, it was a pleasure to find out what I didn’t know and to experiment and venture into new areas. In all, she didn’t just teach me to become a better writer, but to better understand myself and others. I couldn’t ask for anything more in any teacher or mentor, writing or otherwise. And yes, even those of us who have been around the block once, can learn new tricks, even in our supposed area of expertise. – Bruce

I wanted to tell you that I just got a call from Berkeley - and I have been accepted to their J-school program! I am so excited! I wanted to thank you so much for your help on those essays. Working with you helped me write strong, compelling, unforgettable essays, and I know it made a difference. – Julie

In the workshop I am learning new techniques and styles and getting things down that I wouldn't have been able to create all by myself. I just love, mostly, being able to relate with Karen and the other writers about our habits and skills as writers. It has really increased my level of writing. – Taysa

Thank you for the amazing work you did. I felt super positive about our call. - Priya

Thank you so much for the wonderful writing experiences.  I came home Monday night and told my husband how much I absolutely love and value your classes, your prompts, your insight and how taking your classes has really helped me in trying to move my writing beyond the hobby level. - Liz  

TRW's have changed the way I write and read.  I've been challenged to understand, attempt and acquire styles and forms I might never have found on my own.  I feel daring rather than scared, creative rather than wishful. The support and encouragement from Karen and everyone working and sharing has helped me enormously. – Peg

The Monday Night Writing classes are fabulous.  Don't think you are a writer but like writing? You want to start writing but aren't motivated?  Feel a little self conscious about writing or sharing your writing? I felt all of that but wanted something more out of living in Tahoe besides mountain biking and skiing. This class is a workout for your brain and soul. It is supportive, fun and encouraging. It provides helpful criticism, no pressure and no grades. Karen is a true teacher and has created a wonderful class. – Clare

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